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Eugene Conde is a a Motion Picture Hairstylist Makeup Base in Los Angeles.A member of IATSE International Alliance of Theater and Stage Employee ,working in the fields of  Film , Tv,Music Videos, Commerials, Editorials,, Runways, Hollywood red-Carpet Events, and Weddings.

He specializes in Music Videos: Some of his most popular music videos are: Panic! at The Disco Overture, Ballad of Mona Lisa, and I'm ready To Go.

The Fresh Face

Whether he's doing make-up or hairstyle for TV, films, music videos, or photo shoots,  Eugene always has a fresh apporach for making somone beautiful. He has a love for making people look great. Some of that love has embelished many already beautifull faces that have been seen on many popular magazine covers, including Rolling Stone, Marie Claire Magazine, Vogue,LA Magazine, Lemonade, Look LA, Audrey, Xtreme  Detroit Magazine, OCPC, Cosmopolitan, US Vogue, Super Model, LA Direct, Japan Elle, Westlake, Flaunt, People, and Asia.

His work has been seen in notable TV shows such as Superpumped, The G Word,  L Word,  Winning Time , American Born Chinese, documentaries such as The Mystery of Nazi Occult for the National Geographic Channel, and numerous popular music videos. Panic! At The Disco, Ballad of Mona Lisa , and I'm Ready To Go are a few music videos  that have been touched by Eugene's panache and knack for transforming different looks and moods.

In addition, he is responsible for some of the prettiest faces you have seen on Days of Our Lives, VH1, Lifetime Tv, Mtv, Dicovery Channel, LA 18 Kababayan, and LA Living , Whether making hosts look glamorous, or making actors screenworthy, Eugene's work emerges with a novel touch to it. 

There seems to be no limit to Eugene's creativity as has been shown in scores of expressions involving runway and art direction. Some of these are Diamond Night, Poise International Beverly Hills, Reflections, and AnimaMetamorphosis for Collage Studio.

Newness is essential to Eugene's expression as an artist. He is in constant watch for new ways and trends, including technologies. Graphic designing brings Eugene to a new level of staying up with technology and finding ways to express through the exciting world of computers. He designs websites, including his own. He is constantly apprises himself with new technologies introduced in the market. He is bound to unlimited creative artistry.

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Film/Movie |Music Video|Photography | Runway | TV/Video | Stage| Flatform| Product launching| Personal Appearances |Styling/Photos and Art Directing | Pageant | Period make-up & Hair | Corporate & Special Events | Bridal |Debut| Education | Portfolio Development | Fashion Show Directing

Other Srevices Other services available are:
Eyebrows shaping Arching
Airbrush Tanning
Airbrush Makeup
Wardrobe Styling
Private Makeup Lessons
Intensive Make up Artist Training
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How to Apply Makeup in 10 Minutes or Less 

Are you the woman who doesn't apply makeup because it takes too much time, and you find yourself rushing out of the house everyday without even a touch of mascara, blush, or lipstick?

Makeup enhances a woman's natural beauty and adds to her sexiness and self confidence. Put your very best face forward to the world by using this quick makeup application technique.

Step 1: Moisturize. All good makeup application begins with a clean face and the right kind of moisturizer. After cleansing face, apply a moisturizer for your skin type. Apply all over face and neck area. 

Step 2: Cover-up. Those with dark circles around the eyes should apply cover-up cream or concealer lightly around the eye.

Step 3:  Makeup Foundation. Using sponge of foundation brush clean fingers dab a bit of makeup foundation on your forehead, cheeks, nose, eyelids, and the chin. Blend carefully into the skin using downward strokes across the face. 

Step 4: Blush. Smile broadly and apply the powdered blush to the center of the cheek area with a makeup brush. And blend. 

Step 5: Eyes. Apply eyeliner and mascara. Use a lash thickening mascara formula for thin lashes. Apply a second coat for even better effects and to make lashes look even thicke.

Step 6Lips. Outline lips with a pencil. Fill in lips with a lipstick brush. Blot with tissue paper if you want to lipstick last longer, add gloss for extra shine or to make lips appear a bit fuller. 

Step 7The Finish. Apply powder for a soft matte look. Or for a dewy and moist look dampen a makeup sponge with water and pat over the face. And that's it! 

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